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(1) Absolutely no bashing of this couple or the actors who play them. This community is welcome to all but if you are not a fan, this probably is not the place for you. This community is a safe haven for shippers of this couple and bashing of any kind will not be tolerated and all posts for the sake of bashing will be deleted.
(2) Please keep it respectful. Treat others how you'd like to be treated.
(3) Spoilers are welcome but please put all spoilery content under a cut. What is considered a spoiler? Sides, episode stills, and other scoop related to season 5 is considered spoilery unless the episode the spoilers are relating to has aired on TV. Any content from seasons 1-4 can be posted as non-spoilery as they are not considered spoilers anymore since all episodes have aired on TV. When posting icons/graphics relating to season 5: technically something is not considered a spoiler once it's aired on TV, but to respect others who have not seen the ep yet, please do not use any significant/revealing moments for icon teasers right after the episode has aired. Please wait up to five days. Keeping the above in mind, posts containing spoilery content must be posted under a cut and an appropriate description to avoid spoiling people who are trying to stay spoiler free.When posting a spoiler, be sure to keep it to THAT particular spoiler you're posting. Everyone has different degrees of how spoiled they'd like to be. Ex. A person might be spoiled for one particular episode but not want want to be spoiled for a future episode. In episode discussion threads, do not talk about spoilery content from sides, episode stills, and other scoop from future unaired episodes. Please keep it related to the episode being discussed ONLY.
(4) When posting icons and other graphics, refer to the spoiler policy above please. For icons, limit the preview to 3 and if you're not linking them to a journal of your own, please use a cut for the rest. For other graphics (wallpapers, banners, animations, mood themes, etc) previews are allowed, but be sure it's an appropriate size and won't stretch out other's pages. Please do not hotlink!
(5) When posting a fic, be sure to include a description of the story, the rating and any spoiler warnings. Also, if you're not linking the story to a journal of your own, make sure you post the fic under a cut.
(6) If you have any question/concerns/issues please do not hesitate hesitate to contact us mods.