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I started doing a rewatch of Bones the other day, I actually never finished watching the series. I left off with Brennan giving birth to Christine and then I don't remember anything else. So I decided why not do a marathon. It's been like 15 years since I saw the pilot episode and couldn't even remember who the killer was.

While I'm at it, does anyone have any fic recommendations for Booth/Brennan?

The Heart in the words chapters 10,11, & 12 Bones fan fiction (Booth & Brennan)

I don’t know if anyone still comes here, but I finally finished a Fan fic I started posting here years ago…

Title: The Heart in the Words
Paring: Booth and Brennan
Spoilers: none
Rating: T
Summary: AU Booth and Brennan are married and have a son, but Michael brings challenges to their life…
Read chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Bonus Chapter
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Hey everyone I just have a quick question. I read a fix a while ago where Booth proposes to Brennan but they aren't dating or anything he pretty much just gives her a ring at a bar and she says no but then later that night or the next day she goes to his apartment and basically begs him to ask her again because she'll say yes. Does anyone remember that? I loved the author and that fic especially so if really appreciate it if someone remembered. 

Beautiful opportunity!

Hey Bones fandom! As dedicated watchers and fandomers and ficcers,  bet you've probably seen what I've seen in this fandom which is a lot of really well-written, quirky fic, because there's all sorts of wonderful characters to delve into. What I adore most about this show is that the characters are very willing to see life as it is. I adore this about Bones. And that's where badsexfest comes in.


Sex isn't always pretty! Sometimes your Naomi from Paleontology has to explain to you why the technical terms are not good ditry talk. Sometimes your perfectly acceptable at-work phone sex is interrupted by a dozen or so of your closest colleagues. And sometimes you think pony play is something you could try, and your partner does not agree. That's why badsexfest is here, to show the, shall we say, not so perfect side of this natural part of life.

Prompting is open until July 1, so come on down and post some prompts, and fill the Bones and any fandom prompts that are already there. The com won't know what hit it in the face just as it was about to come.

Heroine Big Bang - 2013 - Round 2

heroinebigbang heroinebigbang heroinebigbang

A Big Bang about Women.
The ones we love, the ones we hate.
The ones we hate to love, and the ones we love to hate.

There will be two options for this challenge.
1. Big Bang: 15,000 word minimum
2. Mini Bang: 5,000 word minimum

January 20th: Author & Artist Sign Ups Open
March 1st: Reminder Artist Sign Ups
March 20th: Check-In #1
April 25th: Author Sign Ups close + Rough Drafts Due
April 27th: Artist Claiming!
May 30th: Author & Artist Check In #2
June 15th: Check-In #3
June 30th: Final Draft Posting
Bones Booth&Brennan reading casefile

60 Bones icons (contains spoilers)

[+] Textless Icons are *NOT* to be used as bases
[+] Please credit cleaninggirl or Sammy elsewhere
[+] Feel free to comment
[+] NO posting icons on other sites without proper crediting
[+] No HOTLINKING - please save & upload onto your own server
[+] 60 Bones Icons
[-] 21 icons of Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz at misc events
[-] 23 icons from misc episodes s1-s7
[-] 16 icons from misc season 8 episodes *spoilers upto 8x10*

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